March 13, 2006
Meanwhile, in the DC Universe...

We're having a heat wave! A tropical heat wave! Or something. In any case, sticky East Coast weather and business casual do not mix, especially when you've packed for fall and winter.

At least I can control the temperature in my office with a device labeled (oh yeah) the Seasonmaker. If this isn't a book title yet, it should be.

The thing about the (duhn duhn DUHN!) Seasonmaker (okay, this is one of those things that only tickles me, right? Like the time I thought "Typeface" would be a good supervillain name) is that there's one nanometer on the dial that produces the exact right temperature, and all other points on the dial are discernibly wrong. Too hot. Too cold. Too full of paranoia-inducing microbes, or maybe that should be the other way around. Which would be fine, if it was always the same nanometer every day. But it isn't. It moves around. The Seasonmaker is a cruel maker of seasons.