October 24, 2005
DC Day Three -- Faster than a Speeding Bullet Point

Okay, quickie update:

- I owe lots of folks e-mail, and I expect to have a couple of hours to reply, um, let's see...Wednesday night.

- Saturday I traveled and slept. Sunday I worked and slept. Monday I worked, then searched for apartments online, and soon I will be sleeping.

- I like the work I'm doing and the people I'm working with. I have a lot to learn, but much of it is contextual and it isn't causing undue strain to my skill set. Sunday was a bit like jumping into a pool of icy water, only I was immersed in IT and project management terms -- WBTALB (Welcome Back to Acronym Land, Baby).

- I experienced minor joy when I was given an edited PowerPoint hardcopy with STET written on it.

- My hotel room is serviceable but boring.

- I love living in a city with a decent transit system. Metro is my friend.

- This morning on my way through building security I noticed that I've already learned to avert my eyes from the section of the wall with the POTUS 'n' Pals portraits, 'cause really, it's just too early to be reminded.

- I have an appointment to be fingerprinted on Wednesday.