February 26, 2003
The Wheels on the Bus

The bus driver pulls up to a stop and opens the door. A voice outside says, "How are you doing?" to the driver, who answers, "All right, thanks."

The voice, and itís still just a voice because its owner hasnít stepped into the bus, says, "Whatís your ID number?" The driver rattles off a number, and the voice proceeds to tell the driver that he wasnít supposed to stop there, and didnít he check the re-route list? The driver says he did, but must have missed it. His tone is careful - he knows heís in trouble but there isnít much he can do about it, and is just trying to minimize this particular reaming.

The owner of the voice must have waved the driver on, because he closes the door and heads out. There is a tense and sympathetic silence among the passengers.

Iím wondering what itís like to be the guy whose job it is to stand at a temporarily defunct bus stop and bitch out any driver careless enough to stop, and how youíd fit that on a rťsumť.