February 21, 2003
Confession / Hallelujah / Eternal Damnation / At Least Itís Warm Down Here

Iíve spent maybe two hours tops editing my novel since I finished the first draft on November 30th. Sure, I rewrote the first sentence (now itís "The hall sounds like an oddly festive field of battle, or an especially brutish party, depending on the time of day"), and I added a paragraph here and there, but mostly Iíve been avoiding the whole exercise.

Today I got an e-mail from the good folks at NaNoWriMo bringing this to my attention. It is ideal. I am saved.

And then I thought about the implications of relying on Internet-driven competitions to complete the difficult and/or unpleasant tasks we all put off. Whatís next? NaOiChaMo? NaPaSmeMo?

Okay, actually, that would probably work for me. Where do I register?