July 29, 2002

A mouse has the run of a dorm room (and no, punsters, that doesn't make it a dormouse). Instead of gnawing its way into a readily available box of cereal, it goes for the mystery prize that must be hidden inside a big plastic bag.

Alas, the bag is empty, and the mouse - who apparently lacks the maze-navigating skills of its lab-raised cousins - gets stuck. Eventually a biped comes in, scoops up the bag, takes it outside, and sets it down on the landing of the stairs. A gust of wind picks up the bag before the mouse has a chance to get out, and as it bumps down the stairs the mouse thinks, "I should have gone for the cereal."

"I should have gone for the cereal," thinks the patron of a restaurant who has just been served not tasty French Toast (as seen on himonkey.net), but rather freaky French Toast featuring bread stuffed with cream cheese and soaked with fruit juice. Also, it doesn't seem to have had any contact with eggs, even though being dipped in egg is pretty much what puts the French in French Toast and without that it's just freaky Toast. And in fact soaking the toast in fruit juice makes it more gooey than toasty so strictly speaking, what's being presented as French Toast is freaky unFrench notToast, or, more concisely, just freaky.