June 22, 2005
Day, Uh, Three. Yeah, Three.

Number of Times I Have Been Late to Class / Meetings: Still Zero!!!

Number of Oh-My-God-I-Need-a-Drink Moments: Still One

Number of Drinks Consumed in Said State: Still Zero

Number of Times I've Used My Brand New Yoga Mat: Also Still One

Number of Times I've Used It for Yoga: Ditto

Caffeine Intake Level: Medium

Sleep Deprivation Level: High (eight hours over two days, including the three-hour nap I just took)

Number of Hours I Spent Obsessively Googling for Pinyin for "Twin" When I Could Have Been Sleeping (Dammit): 1.5

Homicidal Tendencies: Nihil

Number of Stories I've Critiqued: Ten

Number of Stories Submitted for Critique: One!