July 21, 2003
The League of Expository Gentlemen

WARNING: May contain spoilers if you didn’t do your English homework in high school.

ALLAN QUARTERMAIN: How interesting that you seem to be indestructible.
DORIAN GRAY: Yes, I have a portrait - a picture, if you will - of myself that bears in my stead the ravages of time and also, apparently, bullets. But as the renowned African hunter whose son was killed in the course of one of your many exciting adventures, you must be very familiar with bullets.
ALLAN QUARTERMAIN: Yes, I am, much in the same way that Captain Nemo here is very familiar with the sea, having been twenty thousand leagues under it in his submarine called Nautilus.
CAPTAIN NEMO: Hi. I’m Sikh, which you may have already figured out from my complexion and mode of dress.
MINA HARKER: Isn’t anyone going to mention that I’m a vampire?

Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but about forty-five minutes into it I did whisper to E, "If there was an LXG Drinking Game and we had to take a drink every time there was exposition, we’d be soooooo drunk now."