July 01, 2003
See, Now, This Is How I Know Iím a Geek

I came home late last night, and as I went through the deserted lobby to check my mail I noticed light pouring through the clear plexiglass doors of our mailboxes. Someone had not only left a light on; theyíd also left the rear door to the boxes open, giving any interested spectator a glimpse of the room beyond.

Iíve wondered about what the room behind my mailbox looked like - the door to the room is right next to the bank of boxes, and itís an intriguing door. Obviously original to the building (c. 1920), itís relatively short and narrow, with a worn brass knob and a lock that cries out for one of those gangly old keys. Best of all, itís inset with a full-length antique mirror with beveled edges. Itís the kind of door youíd send a kid through if you wanted to write a story with twitchy little waistcoat-wearing satyrs, or hookah-smoking caterpillars. If that kind of thing hadnít already been done, I mean.

So naturally I had to peer through the boxes. I couldnít see much more than a brightly lit, bare concrete wall. Disappointing, really, until I saw this note taped to the wall:

Hey Bub -

Take your rubberbands, pop cans, etc. with you when you leave.

Thanks : )

Except, of course, the smiley face wasnít sideways.

I probably shouldnít admit this, but the first thing I thought when I read it was, Wolverine is our new apartment manager. And he signs his notes with smiley faces. Huh.