July 10, 2002
Special Guest Jane: "You Can't Fix Dumb"

- This entry provided by Special Guest Jane K (thanks, K!) -

From an article in today's Los Angeles Times about California's state budget crisis:

While temperatures were expected to hit 105 degrees here Tuesday, Senate Budget Committee Chairman Steve Peace (D-El Cajon) experienced a meltdown with the mercury hovering only in the 90s. He showed up at the group's news conference and accused one of its organizers of lying about the tobacco-licensing bill. "You're so dumb," Peace later told a woman from the American Heart Association. "You can't fix dumb."

Although it's bad that a public official said it, I kind of like the quote "You can't fix dumb." It fits W. pretty well, don't you think? Sadly, it seems that you can elect dumb.

-Here's a link to the article, but, alas, you have to register with the L.A. Times to view it -